Create Radical 

RESULTS without Sacrificing any more TIME...

...especially if you are busy and overwhelmed!

If you are an established entrepreneur whose ready for results beyond the norm, it's time for radical action!  Extraordinary results don't come easy.  The Beyond Accountability Movement was created to support people looking to level up your income, impact, and influence. 


This is YOUR time!  Plug into a Movement of intentional action and accountability  that will revolutionize the way you do business - it will revolutionize the way you do LIFE!

  • Set Goals and ACHIEVE Them

  • Scale Your Income and Your Net Worth

  • Speak, Think, and Live Life BEYOND Your Dreams and Expectations

  • Elevate Your Influence, Maximize Your Results

Consequences of Failure and

Shiny Object Addiction

When we do what’s important to us, and we do it consistently, it revolutionizes every aspect of our life and business. But let's face it, if we could have done it on our own - we would have done it by now.  We have the best of intentions that pave our own perfect path to hell or failure or missing the mark AGAIN!  Why? 

  • Lack of Mission.  What is your unique mission?  What makes you difference from your competition?  What is your PURPOSE? 

  • Lack of Metrics.  How do you measure success?  No metrics results in an expensive hobby NOT a business.

  • Lack of Consistency.  Consistency can be entrepreneurial kryptonite!  What would happen if you applied radical consistency to your goals? 

  • Lack of Clarity.  We know we want to "successful" but what exactly does that mean?  What level of revenue?  What weight? What specifically do you want? 

  • Lack of Balance.  Focusing on one area of life such as business to the exclusion of all else has a higher price than we usually imagine. 

  • Lack of Accountability.  

    Accountability to ourselves or to our spouse or best friend just flat doesn't work - not long term.  We white knuckle it and fall of the wagon in a vicious cycle of failure.

How to Escape the Cycle of Failure

Fuzzy goals and lack of clarity and metrics makes us victims of every shiny object that shows up on our social media feed.  We are sure that the next program, training, or webinar will be the key that we have looking for to launch us to the next level of success.  But soon we figure out, the answer is the same: hard work and relentless dedication to mastery and the glitter fades into yet another unfinished course or unopened free ebook or webinar.  Discouraged again, we wander make to our social media feed and WOW there is another magical answer just waiting for us to click!  


Here's what you need to stop the madness and escape your personal failure cycle (AKA Road to Hell):

  • CLARITY.  Get crystal clear on what exactly you want and what your mission is.  What's your unique superpower? 

  • CONSCIOUS. What are the facts of your life, business, relationships, and health?  Get conscious of the facts of your current situation. 

  • CREATE the future you want.  Where exactly do you want to go?  In business, relationships, and health, what do you truly desire? 

  • CODIFY.  When you know the destination, you can reverse engineer a map to get there. 

  • CONSISTENCY.   Develop a relentless commitment to consistent daily action. 

  • CORE. Find a core of accountability who can and WILL hold you to your commitments. 

  • COST. Apply the opportunity filter to the next magical answer that catches your eye. 

Rebecca Irey, founder of the Beyond Accountability Movement, demonstrates how to escape the cycle of failure and shiny object syndrome to achieve results that are BEYOND what you dreamed in the past. 

The Beyond Accountability Movement


By now, you recognize the pain of the cycle of failure and you're ready to revolutionize your life and up level your life and business.  So how does the Movement work? 

  • Apply to the Movment.

    The Beyond Accountability Movement is limited to 30 new members each quarter. The first step is to submit your application.

  • Interview.

    Radical commitments are not made lightly.  If your application is accepted, the next step is an interview with the founder. 

  • Upon Acceptance...

    If you are accepted to the Movement, you will receive access to custom tracking apps and planning resources for Step 1: CLARITY. 


Accountability only works if we know where we are and where we're going. There is no video training in the Movement.  Your personal mentor will walk you through each phase. 


    Yes, you want to "help people" - but how specifically?  What is your purpose?  Your MISSION in life? 


    No one gets anywhere without knowing exactly where they're starting from.  Let's get conscious of the facts. 


    Once you know where you're starting from, you need to decide EXACTLY where you're going.  Let's create the future you're meant to live!


Now that we're ultimately clear, it's time to take action!


    Together you and your mentor will reverse engineer your goals into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. 


    Consistency is our weapon of choice. You know what you need to do each day and that clarity maintains your motivation. 

  • CORE

    Accountability only works if you allow it which is why a spouse, bestie, or ourselves just don't do the trick.  The Movement provides daily, weekly, and monthly checkins to virtually guarantee success. 


We're in action! Fierce focus and determination are required to make sure we make the cut. 

  • COST

    When the next shiny opportunity comes along (and we PROMISE it will), put it through the Beyond Accountability Opportunity Filter. 


    This is NOT easy.  Relentless commitment to mastery is required!  Stay the course - your daily and weekly checkins ensure your success!


    The results of the three phases will launch your success beyond what dreamed in the past.  Create the future you want by becoming who you need to be to achieve it!

Our Founder. The Why and the How

of Beyond Accountability.

One woman, serial entrepreneur, mother of many, endlessly busy with a nagging notion that she's running fast and getting nowhere in particular decides to change the game. 

Rebecca Irey

Founder & CEO

Rebecca Irey has been a digital marketer since before digital marketing was a thing.  Starting her first business at the age of 12, she signed her first million dollar contract at the age of 22.  She has held integral roles across industries from medicine, to vegan food, to recording labels.  After 25 years as an entrepreneur and homeschool mother to seven children and 19 foster children, she realized something just wasn't right.  She was working hard, constantly busy, but the results she thought should be there just...weren't.  


As a part of her doctoral program, Rebecca took a deep dive into the mechanics of entrepreneurial success. What she discovered changed the trajectory of her business and her life. When she realized she was still actively running three businesses and had time to spare even while homeschooling and being a foster parent, she decided to share her discovery with the world and created the Beyond Accountability Movement. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Is this a video course?

How long is the course?

Can I go at my own pace?

I've had coaching before how is this different?

How much time will this take?

Do I have to use certain tools online or paper?

How much does it cost?

What if it doesn't work for me?

What Participants Say:

The Beyond Accountability Movement will have a massive impact on the results you create in any area of life.  Listen to the stories of Beyond Members..


"The Beyond Accountability Movement supported me in upleveling my revenue from $5,000 per month to $43,000 in the 10th week of membership.  I would not have achieved my goal within the time frame I set for myself with the boost of accountability I got daily and weekly from the Movement.  The focus that came from the regular reminders of the goal and timeline I claimed was important to me, led to a massive increase in my effectiveness in every area of my life - not just business." 

Tom H. 

“I feel like a different person.  My productivity is off the hook - my marriage is back on track and for the first time in decades I have free time!  I can't believe this is my life - I thought for years I was just a lazy failure."

Kathryn A.

“I dropped 10% of my body fat and finally for the first time ever finished a Beachbody program.  And that's just what I've accomplished in fitness.  My business is on fire and so am I.  Movement Member for LIFE!”

Jon I.

“I know exactly what I need to do each day, each week, each quarter.  My productivity is unbelievable.  I never would have gotten these results on my own - I know for sure because I tried for 40 years!  I wish I had had the Beyond Accountability Movement back then!”

Phase One Money Back Guarantee

The Beyond Accountability Program works.  Period. What may not work is you.  Let's get really honest and admit that is why we don't succeed on our own, right?  We negotiate with ourselves, we forfeit consistency for comfort, we underestimate what we can do in a year and overestimate what we do it a day.  We don't work relentlessly toward our goals with clarity and clear metrics for success.  If we did, there would be no need for the Beyond Accountability Movement. 


However, if you finish all the requirements of Phase One and feel the program is not for you and want to give it another go on your own, your investment will be fully refunded.  The Beyond Accountability Movement is only for those that are ready to put the work in to create the life of their dreams - if that's not you - no hard feelings. You will receive your refund with a handshake and a smile. 

Rebecca Irey, Founder and CEO

Are you ready to Consistently Turn Your Goals and Ideas Into Concrete Results??